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December 01, 2021

Rishikesh a perfect travel destination which offers every thing a traveller want i.e adventure sports, bunjing jumping, Rafting, trekking, beach, lush green valleys, waterfall, camping, meditation, yoga. Any thing you want just come to Rishikesh. If you are planning a trip with family or friends or solo or any kind wheather it is 1 day trip, weekend trip or long tour you come to Rishikesh it is a perfect destination.

Ganga Rafting

One day late night, I scrolled youtube and saw a Rishikesh video which was so, amazing that I planned to go to Rishikesh next morning. When I concerned same with my parents, surprisingly they all agreed "bas aab sochna kya tha". It was a thursday so, applied leave cosidering a 3 days trip including weekend.


Next morning we woke up early, had breakfast and travelled to Rishikesh. It was a 5 hrs journey. I planned to make our trip memorable and adventures. So, Booked a camp for a night and that camp was so amazing. Also they had volleyball court. I clicked lots of pictures, played volleyball after that we enjoyed delicious dinner with bonfire and music.

Awesome morning view

Neer Jharna Waterfall

Next day we woke up early to click sunrise pictures as weather is little cold and view was so amazing. After breakfast, we checkout camp and moved to neer-jharna waterfall. A big waterfall where lot of people were enjoying and ambience was so amazing. They had entry ticket of Rs30 per person. Waterfall is divided in 3 parts that if you walk through all three waterfall is equivalent to trekking. We trekked till top most waterfall which took 1 hr. but was worthy as view was so amazing. We Enjoyed in waterfall and clicked some pictures of course :). Also there were some stalls which sells maggi and Tea. Enoyed maggi in the sound of waterfall with fresh air and beautiful surroundings.

Neer jharna


After that we straight up to Shivpuri, Rishikesh – the starting point for the rafting. River Rafting is one of the most popular activities that Rishikesh is famous for. However, keep in mind that river rafting can only be done in summers, as during monsoon, the tides are very dangerous to attempt river rafting. Fees in between Rs 850 per person to Rs 1850 depend upon the distance of rafting.

Ready for Rafting

We started rafting and came across numerous rapids, some of which so big and hard that we could have fallen in the river this was thrilling experience. At the midpoint of the rafting course, we stopped at a cliff where we can jump from 25ft into still water. Looking back at the few hours of rafting, doing cliff jumping was a very bold call on my part. Not knowing swimming was definitely a concern, but I guess the enthusiasm of the trip got me totally involved. As we approached Rishikesh the river flow slowed down and we jumped into the holy Ganga. The moments spent in the river were calm and serene. I was living those moments I could feel the breathe, hear the heartbeat and mind was at eternal bliss. As we ended our rafting at Ram Jhula, the sense of achievement after completing rafting was immense.

Cliff jumping

Ram Jhula

After exploring the magic of life on the raft, it was time to go on foot again. Next destination was Ram Jhula and we booked our hotel near to that. After taking rest we explore Ram Jhula is a suspension bridge connecting two banks of Rishikesh and is one of the iconic landmark of city. It is mostly crowded as both pedestrian and motorbikes use the bridge at same time and one can always feels its vibration.

Ganga Aarti

In the evening, you can go to Parmarth Niketan for a spiritual evening. This is one of the best aartis that happen & if you’re spiritually inclined you will love this unique experience. Everyone sits by the Holy Ganges & prays to the almighty & sings hymns together. After the prayer everyone floats a dia & some flowers in the river for their prayers.

Ganga aarti

We had dinner at famous Chotiwala restaurant. This place is especially loved by everyone because of the men who are dressed up as characters. They sit at the entrance of the restaurant. Dinner was so tasty and quantity was too good. "Awesome experience"

Laxman Jhula

Next day we had breakfast at nearby restaurant and moved to Laxman Jhula. Laxman Jhula is also a suspension bridge approx 3km upstream from Ram jhula. We spent some time at one of the river view cafe at Laxman Jhula. The view of colourful rafts floating in river. After clicking lots of pictures and collecting memories it is a time to go back to home.

Meditation near laxman jhula

Wow! What an incredible weekend vacation to Rishikesh. My family and I enjoyed every minute of it as we became totally involved in the wonderful sights and sounds of the Himalayas.

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