A Trip to Dehradun (Uttrakhand)

Dehradun A home to beautiful natural caves and magnificent waterfalls. It is a beautiful hill station in Uttarakhand which is enclosed by the mighty ranges of Garhwal Himalayas.

I Started my journey early morning from Yamunanagar(Haryana) which was 3hrs long. I thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful scenic view and fresh air on the way. First i visited Gucchupani (Robber's Cave).

Robber's Cave

Robber's Cave it's a long river cave having waterfall at the end. The entry ticket of Robber's cave is just rs25 and the whole cave is full of water. It was a unique experience for me as i have never seen any place before where i could hike through water in between hillrocks. If you dont' want to wet your shoes then slippers are available on rent att just rs10. Dont't try to go barefoot as stones are quite rough. Watefall was very amazing so, didn't miss the chance and took some pictures. There are few food stalls where snacks, tea, coffee etc. can be enjoyed .After spending 2hrs in robber's cave we went towards Sahastradhara fall.

Sahastradhara Natural Spring

Sahastradhara (Dehradun), which is a tourist attraction for caves and waterfalls, is a hub for travelers from all over India. Sahastradhara, literal meaning thousand fold of spring, is a large collection of natural water pools. Bathing in Sahastradhara is considered as auspicious as the water contains some medicinal properties, which can heal anyone suffering from ailments like muscle ache, poor blood circulation, acne and even arthritis. All facilities like changing rooms, lockers, swimming costumes are available at nearby shops at nominal charges. After taking a bath in Sahastradhara i felt fresh and energized.

Sahasradhara Ropeway

After that i went Ropeway they took to a high point from there i realized the panoramic view of the nearby surroundings. Also there is a play area, live music also some small games are available here. This place is very beautiful also the surroundings are amazing. Entry ticket of ropeway at Just rs150/person.

As the heat is rising up, take a quick break to this scenic city and don’t miss out on the best things by keeping this handy Dehradun travel story.

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